"Money and Power are the thing and the fact which carry us to the" madness.






This is the violence


The road of violence or the offence. Violence it exists in the fact of planning (conscience), in the act to throw (to draw, launch, draw with), to concur (to want to be the first with the finishing line and to believe that one is the best and the more extremely).


We let us write and speak about the capacity, the money and the behaviour: material pleasure (possession), means (money), brain (capacity). All is reported is the aware.





The to accept.

We now let us know the capacity human capable of adaptation which not only are not external, but also is even genetic. The life even is a play of failure between the sexual attraction and the human demographic explosion.

The hope

To hope is a infirmity (mental anomaly with different formation) effect in oneself of the fear and unknown which in its turn give the insecurity that then for consequence gives pathological result different such as for example the resignation and of illusion in the fact from  persecution. Also, the birth we are has is we say conscious: we see, feel and speak. * More relations with the intention you will find that in the consultation written by me on speed, the thought and nothing.


The provision forces.

The life is a fact concretizes which form the conscience (we know that we make). For example, to see acts of violence, this is a seed which makes roots in the conscience and which it prepares to be it with a future behavior violent.









The feel

Would SI we did not see violence, be this sufficient not to become violent? Admittedly, this one is a small square in the play of failure of the human behaviour.

UN different Small Square of failure is the language which we speak. Contents of the word that then trains us. The vocabulary and the formation of this make able the translate and the fashion to communicate in general. The material part, the capacity of the play of failure is the policy and this exists in management.


Tout which it occurs in the field from our life outside like interior, physical and mental is political.


Politic I

LE word "political" in its meant etiologic in substance means: capacity to control.


The concept of the political that month I recommend it extends "concept of freedom like supreme freedom" and thus of personal freedom is: capacity to even control oneself. This one is a political in elevated form and which is in the centre of the significances of the political word.


Politic II

The political current (political of state) is a conscience made up of the capacity and money, one property and thus a management=violence.


The political conceived by me, it is the individual conscience "I (the body and the heart), the EGO (the close friend and epicentre dell I)" the intelligence of the step to think=l' together and nothing (fine principle and it). You, me, us and others in the individual liberty.


Politic III

The political current world.

This reduces the man in requires boundary through property and total management such as for example, the flora, fauna, the ground, water, the air, people and all that you can think and life even.

This distortion of the ego, this thirst wild and disastrous it is in symbiosis with LE capacity and the money. Management in the form of appropriation is the echo of violence.


The political that I have understood is a maximum political we say, a political which it bases on the production of need and not of the appropriation. An intelligent and conscious political.






Silver plates


Argent and human relation.

The money is a capital symbolic system recognized for the people like value on all the levels between human relations, for example in the purchase and the sale of the products and in the force of works.

The subsistence of the money there is to facilitate the relations and not to complicate them.

Argent and exchange.

The money is not necessary if one makes an exchange of work or things.

Argent and exaggeration.

The time produced a exaggerated in with regard to the value of the money, gold, diamonds will etcetera like exchange value.

Argent and the production.

SI on the other hand the world would have maintained a balance between the money and the right of the exchange, this for example through a production to justify things in the sense of a quantity and human need, today the world would be well different.

Argent and the incredible one.

The life continues and the money is transformed into figures not conceivable, we approach with incredible...





Money and dualism.

The makes that the money is the road of violence is in the same time an antichlor evil. The problem is in the fact that at the time with the physical and psychic force to employ to produce produced not necessaries for humanity, also the smell of violence occur.

Money and balances.

The human capacity and thus the knowledge like social relation put in the contents of a production of the useless values, makes that the human behaviour forms stagnation of the intelligence in relation to the responsibility and thus is posed contrary with a balanced communication.

Money and necessity.

The disequilibrium knowledge gives birth to the need disequilibrium in relation for example with the "value" which in oneself is not one requires survival and thus this malignant effect induces us to believe that the capital, management is one requires.

Money and the capacity variable.

Here we open the doors with the type of a dilemma incredible such as for example the knowledge with the need and the relation is exchange between them and while crossing follow their life parallel as rails of train which never meet.

"Dyers this moment my brain they makes relationship to these studies quotes of over and I perceive the problem of the" velocity "like dilemma or enigma of the human life. This subject, the velocity, is more than chemical, more than genetic, which is something lives in our brain but it is not yet a clear answer."

The money which it generates property is the cause of the dilemma above described Ci on the madness; a power variable.






Power in its intimate one.


The root.

The power is a human behaviour conscious which trails us in contradiction where the human lives the human feelings misdirection or the effect of the madness. The capacity it exists that in these parameters.


The parameters.

Pour to be liked clearly in the contents, by giving sow vaster information to the concept of the capacity than by thus giving an example I concretize a relation with the conscience. That they makes that the distinction between being able like negativity and wisdom as positivity which are the capacity in oneself even, in its mode, this to be thus included in the part conscious of wisdom they makes that they is not necessary to think it and for the life even.

When the man pens not they does not make both a relation and then that one they life the serenity and in the survives. But, it to think is necessary for the power that they allow my relation is the aware.  


The insane power

The power receives its substances of life in the human frenzy of acceleration incontrollable of the material need. When the human it is let trail in the wild need for the production, consummation, the sexual pleasures for example or with another misleading extremity like still for example extreme scientific research, this one is the test which it human brain is infected by the capacity like a narcomania, one requires incontrollable.

Uncontrollability misleads us, it makes that the more you work more you creed that you are well, more you enjoyed more you believe of living the pleasure to the maximum, more you have and more you want some, more you know and more you want some to know. That it is perdition...


"The individual, humanity, we, you and I even we are imprisoned by the evil, we believe of living but perhaps live the dead."


The does not have test there that died are a pause.

Humanity is as a ball of fire which rebounds in the CHAOS of the UNEXPLAINABLE one, in the life, the dead, and which is this one is INCONTROLLABLE which is the SYNDROME of the CAPACITY, the MADNESS of the CAPACITY.









At this point we make a pause; I thus invite you to test your capacity to think with logic.


Test the force of the logistic psychology which I conceived and this against the capacity.



By reading this study on the insane capacity, you received an amount of antidote, emancipation, staff evolution and we can also to say release, a POSITIVE KNOWLEDGE.

Now it is with you to work on that with serenity, and to make an examination on 1) the things which are necessary for you or . 2) Which are the things necessary for society?



Start with the positive apprehension of the autonomy of you even and politically learn the principles from a widened government quotes in my studies (new concept democratic, the democracy revealed), a new sight social, and goods thus.



After to the asterisk (* *) control if your thoughts are without suggestions and thus valid.

If the examples of needs that you thought coincide with those of the asterisk, it means that you are on the road of the control of the capacity. More the points coincide and liked your evolution thus balances.

Perhaps this point you start to include/understand your require to rise with the need on the control of the capacity, a single control has you for your need.


Definition and chose: survival.

** not to lose itself in a jungle of words, sentences, arguments, written and thoughts, Ca would be easier for me and stimulating for you, that me I write rather require them for survival than the non-necessity of our social time -(critic A you and critical).


The debuts.

Therefore, while leaving with conscience which are requires them described here in bottom like principles of survive, with the assistance of your imagination you will build imagine of things relational at our time and your reality that keep silent lives in any sound complex such as for example the family, the job will etcetera.

Continuation and success.

Therefore this job of conscience employs criticism, self-criticism, the objectivity, logic, the reality subjectivity and objective. That because this one are the example of the criterion for your success.

Foods all that with the desire and the fury because it is only with one spirit fighting that keep silent will be able to survive confrontation between your verity and the lie inculcates in this by the family, the religion, the policy and your lie against you even.


Here examples follow to the principles of survival.

The nudity of your body.

A roof for you protect against the inclemency.

Dressed for you protect against variations in temperatures.

Means of transport which are quietest and natural possible.

Nutrition in general for that it one hears the type of product, the production (standard and method) and the gathering (method).

The meeting with the opposite sex and the fecundation and not less the family unit.

The society.


The departure of tone thought now developed...

It is maintaining after this epilogist of information that your reflexion starts has functioned.

Good chance!


In the case that you come to write to me in these connections I will seek in time that it is conceded to me of you responder the possible more complete.


Hold present which this part of the analyse on the capacity is single.



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