Tor Svärdtorp


for England and the world of the English language.



The founder and the ideologist of WE-PM Tor Svärdtorp.


The WE-PERSONAL MOVEMENT is a movement that comprises of PHILOSOPHERS, i.e., a philosophy in symbiosis with science in all its forms.


The years the WE-PM on basically not affirms that all the political in pleasing total direction has the realization of WE-SOCIETY, one society human forces.


... all that you think and you make IS POLITICAL



The ideologist


Tor Svärdtorp is Swedish with a cosmopolitan heart. Inspired by philosophies niquiliste-anarchist-libertarie-Socialists and humanitarians. Tor Svärdtorp thus always recommended it fine of a pluralistic human society of high evolution based on natural justice with full respect for the personal freedom.


The times spent on political studies, historical, current with vision of future realistic are the bases of the thought for Tor Svärdtorp and the conclusions are proposal for contradictory policies but they not join the same end, one society forces. Tor Svärdtorp concludes that federalist, nationalist, confederal political mechanisms type as for example European Union (HAVE) or a future World Union are in homogeneous reality. Still more precisely, in words technician, the policies based on popular movements of committees and self-management are also effective for the realization of a new world as is a power nationalist of the dictatorial type, as well is an Italian standard democratic alliance political of our time (Alleanza Nazionale , Forza Italia and Lega del Nord). The solution is in WILL of those which holds the decision-making power.


The epicentre of all the thought of Tor Svärdtorp and the magic formula which allows the realization of the forces of a company not are thus qualify the individuals inside the ordering of the capacity at the end that this does not damage the logical vision of the felt. 




Political and philosophic translations in progress.


POLITICAL PARTIES ? (criminal Organizations).

LETTER OPEN TO THE POLITICIANS. (the demagogic democratic concept and the alternatives democratic one).

SYNDROME OF THE POWER (the capacity is a form of madness. New concept psycanalitic).

WE ALL ARE TERRORIST AND ASSASSINS. (Violence individual and collective in relation with the several liability).

WAR OR PEACE. (I study on the Good and the Evil. A vision on the eventuality of a world war for to uproot torsions’ human).

SOCIETY-WE. (a general and surface vision of one society human based on non-violence, the SOCIETY-WE. Ours, which means being Them Ours, Citizen Them Ours).

LOGISTIC SOCIAL-PSYCHOLOGY (Presentation of a new vision on the concept of psychology. Positivism, confrontation, individual as society).


POLITICS ESTRATTORIA (Propositioned concretizes to carry out a oneself-saying society human homogeneous Society of comportment. Selection individual logic for a social life of high harmony which comprises in would be the reduction of violence between the individuals on level generally almost zero).




Translations of the political proposal in progress.


WE-BLOCKS IT POLITICAL (canalisations political)

AUTONOMOUS HÄLSINGLAND (regional political Model of independence)

LEFT ENGLISH (nationalist Model based on the militarization)

T O R With (Party with autarkical: name of founder TOR, Comparable Revolutionary Transitory Organization)

WE-left-movement (left WE-left-movement. Project based on the new democratic concept of the revealed democracy)



Tor Svärdtorp


We  let us be coherent with the facts that the contents of the WE-MP and particularly in the concept of the democracy revealed and not less than in the politics estrattoria is not easy A to understand and we can cross that that one in would be idea futuristic... the world we make the fact not in day. In simple words, for futuristic we say intends to say that so that an idea is realizable immediately, this one does not include/understand why the man needs time to include/understand information and they is necessary also time to carry it out. In other words, the part of the world which one can make in one day and the realization it even went to the ballot boxes and vote for WE-MP.








Also with an exiguous contribution in offers of money, specific the donation of the voluntary action by telephoning +730678362 or writing with the


Consulted the thinker Tor Svärdtorp for political resolutions of governments and to create advises politicking national of non-violent end.

You come with the courses of information on the WE-MP!